What to do when your reputation is under attack

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Reputation is described as ‘the honour, credit, good name, or fame of a particular person or thing’ in the Oxford English Dictionary. 

It’s therefore understandable that a business' reputation is one of its most valuable assets. It's also vulnerable as damaging material can be published and go viral very quickly. 

Consider these tactics if your reputation is under attack: 

Website take down notice

If the material is online and you know who posted it, contact them immediately asking for the material to be taken down. However, often individuals who post on websites are only known by a username. It’s therefore worth contacting the operator of the website hosting the offending material, requesting they take it down. 

Website terms and conditions

Seek to invoke the website's terms and conditions. The particular behaviour of the user may fall foul of what the operator expects of its users.


Consider applying for an injunction, which requires a party to take positive action or prohibit particular action. Although expensive, and only granted in certain circumstances, they are a very swift remedy. 


Seek the removal of the material, an apology and, in some cases, damages. If a satisfactory response is not received, this may mean pursuing the offender through the courts or finding a resolution at mediation. 

Softer tactics

Consider employing a PR firm to address the matter or use your own press release to promote your positive message. 

Whatever you do, act and take advice quickly. Please contact our expert on the details below for more information. 

Act and take advice quickly

If you or your business needs to take action over libel or slander, or defend a claim against it, take advice quickly. We’re here to support you with timely, expert advice on dealing with defamation proceedings, including online defamation. Please contact an expert below for more information. 

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