Reputation management

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Gateley Legal & Gateley Legal NI

Our specialists in reputation management can act immediately to help you protect and – if needed – restore your personal or business reputation.

How do our reputation management services work?

Our reputation management experts deal with all aspects of social media publications in addition to the more traditional print and broadcast media, all of which have the potential to severely impact the reputations of both individuals and companies. We deal with reputation management issues arising from:

  • social media platforms, particularly Facebook and X (formerly Twitter)
  • broadcast and print media
  • websites (including internet chatrooms)
  • advertising material
  • verbal communications.

From a ‘take down’ letter to a litigated privacy/ defamation action, our reputation management services have the capacity and proven expertise to initiate a multi-jurisdictional approach, which has achieved ground-breaking results in protecting clients’ interests over the last three decades.

Learn more from Rory Lynch, Legal Director and specialist in all areas of media litigation:

Gateley is ‘an outstanding commercial litigation firm that combines sound legal advice with tactical astuteness and an understanding of commercial sensitivities’.
Legal 500 UK, 2018

If you or your business needs to deal with a reputational issue, we can help. We’re here to support you with immediate, expert advice on dealing with defamation proceedings. We can also help you explore other options including claims relating to:

  • malicious falsehood
  • breach of confidence
  • misuse of private information
  • protection from harassment
  • breach of data protection laws
  • infringement of intellectual property rights.

Where are we based and where do we practice?

Gateley Legal has the experience and expertise to provide immediate strategies and solutions to the issues and crises routinely faced by our international client base. With the rise of social media and the speed of global publication on all social media platforms, we provide our international and domestic clients alike with an effective, and rapid response to their reputational issues.

Facebook, X, Google, et al have their European headquarters in Dublin, making Gateley Legal, with offices in Dublin, London and Belfast, best positioned to access all available legal remedies in a timely and cost effective manner.

Who do our reputation management services help?

We represent claimants and defendants regarding defamation and reputation management, helping businesses and individuals safeguard their reputations from negative and false statements.

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