How to build business resilience

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UK businesses are, without doubt, facing testing times - a situation that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. The general economic outlook, coupled with Brexit, paint a pessimistic picture.

Add the likelihood of interest rate hikes, geo-political uncertainty, rising oil prices, digital disruption and cyber threats to the mix, and you soon start to see the potential for instability and an increasingly challenging, complex and uncertain environment.

There are, however, glimpses of positivity breaking through the doom and gloom. Conditions have been benign for some time with good liquidity in the marketplace, high employment rates, and positive increases in consumer spending and confidence.

Against this backdrop of mixed opinion and data the need for resilience is perhaps one of the only certainties. An organisation’s leadership, workforce and systems need to be able to cope with multiple disruptive forces that, in many  ways, have never been so prevalent. These really are unprecedented times - many of the events that are happening have never been seen before. The tried and tested ways of the past are unlikely to help us to prepare for this ever-more complex, uncertain and ambiguous world.

A report investigating what business resilience looks like

We have produced a report that serves as a useful guide to advisers and businesses alike in starting the conversation around resilience, identifying the key areas to consider and providing a few practical ideas on what can be done to find solutions to today's issues.

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