Mark is a Senior Manager within Gateley Global. Mark is a specialist in Inward Investment from both domestic and international source markets as well as having experience with leading and delivering International Trade Programs.

Mark has considerable experience helping Investment Promotion Agencies and Economic Development Organisations with developing and implementing strategies that are designed to attract inward investment from both Domestic and International markets.

Mark has consulted for clients from every continent and facilitated Inward Investment projects across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Mark also works with private sector clients that undergoing a process of international expansion.

How do you help clients?

I help clients to identify appropriate target markets and sector opportunities.

I help clients to build and develop brand awareness in new markets and work collaboratively to design and execute impactful digital marketing campaigns for effective Investment Attraction. I help clients to with finding the correct target and generate qualified Inward Investment leads.

I help clients to access national and international markets through a unique network of multipliers as we as relevant global partnerships.

I help clients with Inward Investment enquiries, manage transactions and convert opportunities through a Inward Invest cycle by giving one to one support.

I help clients with Investment Aftercare via a Business Retention and Expansion/Key Account Management and help clients to prioritise investors for proactive account management.

I help clients with reviewing the impact of an Inward Investment strategy and can provide bespoke detailed analysis on what worked and what didn’t.


  1. Led the European delivery team of a US State tasked with winning Inward Investment.
  2. Designed and implemented an Investment Aftercare program utilised by multiple UK regions.
  3. Supported a leading US Trade Association build a referral network from Food & Beverage across the UK & Ireland.
  4. Supported the recruitment of Fintech & Smart City companies with accessing a US accelerator program.
  5. Supported an Inward Investment program for attracting Foreign Direct Investment into Japan.