Having held financial and business advisory roles throughout his career, Peter has a great understanding of the funding and incentives available. 

Peter has many years’ experience of working closely with companies to help them achieve their goals, having successfully done so with large multinational companies through to new start-ups.

How do you help clients?

I help all sized companies assess their Research & Development costs to see how they can claim through the R&D tax relief and credits schemes. 

I help companies across all sectors to ensure they are receiving their full entitlement to all the tax benefits available to them.

I work with companies to ensure they are protecting their intellectual property and then look at how they can use this to claim Patent Box tax relief.


  1. Have successfully claimed R&D tax relief and credits for companies from large groups to small start-ups.
  2. Advised large multi-national group on claiming Patent Box tax relief 
  3. Experience with claiming R&D tax relief and credits across a wide range of sectors.
  4. Have consistently identified areas where clients have not been claiming R&D tax relief and credits claims, to increase their benefit from the scheme.