Simon focuses on assessment, working with leaders to enable them to better position themselves for success. He leads on both assessments for recruitment and for development/succession planning or decision making. 

He works with clients to define the required shifts – mindset and skillset – that leaders need to make to be successful in their future business context. He has a particular interest in high potentials and works with clients to define their needs in this area and then identify and develop their high potential talent at all levels in their business.

Simon has extensive experience across a range of sectors including financial services, engineering, publishing/ media, professional services and law firms. Current and recent clients include HSBC, DCC, Credit Suisse, Hays, BAE Systems, Gymshark and PepsiCo. 

Simon is a leading authority on assessment and talent management issues, contributing to articles in the national press, HR press, trade and psychology magazines, as well as a number of book chapters for the FT and Association of Business Psychologists.

Before joining Kiddy in the mid-1990s, Simon worked both as a consultant with a number of organisations and as a manager within a large distribution business. He is a chartered psychologist, a principal member of the Association of Business Psychologists and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

How do you help clients?

I help clients to identify the shifts that will be needed in their organisation and people to be successful as their business context changes. 

At the organisational level this can be through defining the leadership strategy, i.e. how leaders need to behave to change the business and succeed through those changes.

At the individual level, I work to understand strengths and development areas so that I can focus leaders on the right development activities to help them achieve their aspirations. 

I undertake recruitment or promotion assessments for clients, providing clear analysis of strengths and development needs, as well as clear hire/ no hire recommendations and onboarding/ development suggestions.