We help to maximise the opportunities within a business, identifying the best ways to avoid or mitigate risk in growth and change projects. When disputes arise, we advise on how to respond to that risk, recover from it in the best possible way and then to implement solutions to mitigate that risk from arising in the future.

Maximise opportunities

In today’s competitive landscape, securing and capitalising on your assets and ideas is critical for success.

Our team of legal experts, along with dedicated patent and trademark attorneys, provide comprehensive advice to a broad range of UK and international clients, from technology-focused start-ups to multinationals, innovative SMEs to world-renowned universities, helping them to harness the power of their innovation.


Why choose Gateley?

  • Forward-thinking commercial advice which balances risk and opportunity 

  • Technical and sector specialists who know their stuff so you can protect yours

  • One stop professional advice combining legal and IP expertise

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Respond to risk

Running a business is a risky business. Dealing with commercial disputes that arise during the course of everyday operations or change programmes or managing unexpected crisis scenarios needs a decisive response. We help businesses to address risks effectively, to assess your options, protect your reputation and ensure financial and team stability. 

Why choose Gateley?

  • On your side with prompt, transparent and attentive guidance when you need it most 

  • ‘One size fits one’ tailored approach that suits your business’ appetite to risk and the scenario you are facing.

  • Support beyond the crisis to mitigate future risks, and ensure business continuity.

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Recover from risk

Once the outcome of a dispute or crisis is secured, we manage risk recovery, equipping you to bounce back stronger, including monitoring and enforcing the outcome of court decisions, dealing directly with third-party advisors, accountants and insolvency practitioners.

Why choose Gateley?

  • Expert-guided recovery to deliver financial, governance and reporting outcomes 

  • A collaborative approach to restore confidence and fortify your risk management strategy

  • Horizon scanning to identify potential threats and build long-term operational resilience

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Mitigate risk

Once the dust has settled, the last thing most businesses want to do is spend any more time than they need to on a dispute or crisis. But that’s exactly the time to work with the dispute resolution experts in the team to proactively identify gaps in processes, training and culture, to reduce the likelihood of similar risks happening again. 

Why choose Gateley?

  • Proactive support and training to improve processes, enhance skills and ensure compliance

  • Change specialists to address the cultural and behavioural mindset shifts required to address and mitigate risk

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