Get our Crisis Response & Management app

The app to help you to respond, review and manage risk

Why download our Crisis Response & Management app? 

Our Crisis Response & Management app has been designed to give you everything that you need to prepare for and manage a crisis.

  • Easily contact our team from within the app for urgent 24/7 over the phone crisis support

  • Log the details of less urgent crises for a follow up with our experts 

  • Access our knowledge bank of top tips to help you during and after a crisis

  • Take proactive action and analyse your risk level for specific crises

  • Access guides and FAQs specific to the types of crisis that you may experience

  • Learn more about additional training material and book bespoke workshops for your team

Need assistance now? Our Crisis Management & Response team are available 24/7

If you are experiencing a crisis or dawn raid call our helpline for immediate assistance.