Astrid is a life science patent attorney with an extensive academic career in plant molecular biology. Astrid handles a wide range of clients including universities, start-ups and pharmaceutical companies. Her experience working in an academic environment makes her particularly suitable for handling IP-related matters concerning academic inventors.

Astrid’s work primarily involves the prosecution of patent applications in various jurisdictions, and she is experienced in technical fields such as viral and bacterial vaccines, diagnostic tests, viral therapies, pharmaceutical compositions, biosensors, and recombinant antibody technologies. 

One of Astrid’s key areas of expertise are plant-related technologies and includes handling of IP rights such as plant variety rights and patent applications disclosing plant-related inventions. Astrid advises university technology transfer offices in relation to patentability and when to file. 

Astrid sits on commercialisation panels for university clients and provides IP seminars and teaches IP basics to Master’s students.

How do you help clients?

My extensive academic research career and passion for academic research means that I am particularly suited to dealing with academic inventors. I am very knowledgeable of the challenges academics face when looking to commercialise their research. My plant molecular biology background allowed me to specialise in the field of plant-related inventions handling both patent applications directed to plants or advising on plant variety rights.


  1. Providing on patentability and disclosure advice.
  2. Advising on inventorship disputes.
  3. Advising clients on plant-related inventions/ plant variety rights.
  4. Advising on the prosecution of applications in the life sciences, such as antibody technology, reformulation of compositions and green technologies in relation to animal feed.
  5. Passionate about teaching academics the basics of IP to avoid errors allowing cost effective patent protection.