Becky Ryding

Trustee Associate



Becky is a Trustee Associate at Entrust Pension Limited, a leading independent professional trustee company which helps organisations operate their pension scheme effectively. She is an accredited professional pension trustee and has experience of working on a variety of schemes including co-trustee appointments.

As Trustee Associate at Entrust, Becky is responsible for day-to-day communications with service providers, members and sponsoring employers. She is also responsible for ensuring compliance with scheme documentation and regulatory requirements.

Becky has worked on a number of risk settlement projects including buy-ins and buy-outs. Becky’s role has included assisting with project management, the codification of trustee discretions and mitigating the risk of trapped surplus. 

Becky is also an associate at Gateley Legal providing pensions legal advice to trustees and employers of occupational pension schemes. Find more about this role here.


  1. Acting on several flexible apportionment arrangements including assisting with negotiations with sponsoring employers to ensure the funding test is met and responding to regulatory queries.
  2. Working on several liability management exercises including a pension increase exchange exercise.
  3. Assisting with actuarial valuation negotiations including securing agreement towards an additional funding objective to accelerate the journey plan to buy-out. 
  4. Working on several buy-out exercises. 
  5. Acting as a co-trustee.