Rob designs and delivers high-impact solutions that enable organisations to get the best from their people.  He is a firm-believer in people-centric interventions, which support the growth of individuals and allow them to thrive.

He has worked extensively in the assessment arena, designing, and delivering solutions to support hiring, onboarding, development, and transition.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in senior leader selection and developmental assessments, high potential identification and development, and has a passion for diagnosing and strengthening team dynamics.  He is a subject matter expert in a variety of psychometric instruments and has worked extensively with these tools to celebrate strengths, cultivate self-awareness, and uncover opportunities with senior leaders across global organisations.

He has a keen interest in ED&I, and his academic work has focused on the content and utility of leadership development initiatives aimed at advancing underrepresented groups in levels of seniority.


  1. Executive team diagnostics and development interventions to strengthen cohesion, build purpose and adapt to complexity with agility.
  2. Primary assessor working with a large fast-food chain to select and develop new franchisees.
  3. Development assessments for a multinational Professional Services firm, accelerating the growth of their Senior Managers.
  4. Partnering with a large HR and Management Consultancy to assess global leaders in a selection context.
  5. Primary assessor and thought partner for an international pharmaceutical firm, advising on best practice across the employee lifecycle – from selection, development and transition.