Digital currency & assets

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The evolution of technology in a lightly-regulated environment has driven the expansion of blockchain and digital asset businesses.

This growth in the FinTech market has brought with it complex and new problems for individuals and organisations to deal with. Our cross-discipline team are expert in advising on this new area of law, whether it is navigating the regulatory issues, supporting the launch of a digital assets business, investing in the FinTech market, or dealing with a dispute involving digital assets.

How do we help clients with digital currency and assets?

Our specialist crypto team provide innovative solutions to our clients’ problems in relation to private equity and investment funds, private wealth, regulatory and compliance, contentious insolvency, fraud, and asset recovery including:

  • The control and ownership of digital assets including their safekeeping and the custody and transactional infrastructure required.
  • Taking security interests over digital assets.
  • Regulatory issues including the use of AIFs investing in digital assets as well as AIFs and UCITs being issued using blockchain technology.
  • Coin and token offerings.
  • Wills and trust advice in relation to digital assets.
  • UK taxation of crypto assets, both in terms of exchange tokens/ cryptocurrencies and other forms of crypto assets.
  • Global KYC and AML issues.
  • Investing in digital assets including reputational risks and issues with being associated with coin and token offerings.
  • The monetisation of claims in respect of digital assets including domestic and international fraud, asset tracing, and recovery of such assets.
  • Advising businesses, stakeholders, creditors, and office holders in relation to distress and/ or liquidation of FinTech businesses and how to maximise recoveries.

Who do we help with digital currency and assets?

We help businesses, investors and stakeholders navigate the FinTech space both domestically and internationally. We find and design pragmatic solutions to maximise the return to our clients whether that’s coming up with a strategy to deal with regulatory issues presenting hurdles, capitalising on investment opportunities or implementing a strategy to help mitigate the risks when parties fall out or a business becomes distressed and/ or ends up insolvent by staying ahead of the challenges and ever-changing environment of this industry.

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