Asset tracing & fraud investigation

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Fraud continues to be on the increase, with more and more sophisticated methods being employed by fraudsters. Our professional team can help with fraud investigation and asset tracing, to manage risk and help recover assets lost.

The business impact of fraud is often extremely negative, both in terms of cost and reputation and in some instances can even be catastrophic for a business. Our team can help mitigate the damage done to a business by a fraud and trace and recover assets for victims as well as manage the risks when you might find yourself wrongfully caught up in a fraud and/ or being accused of its perpetration.

Gateley have a strong team supporting clients with civil fraud, asset recovery and financial crime. Led by Richard Healey, the team has significant experience with fraud investigations, contentious insolvency and asset recovery.
Legal 500 UK 2022 – Civil fraud

What do our fraud investigation specialists do?

Our specialist team is experienced in acting for claimants and defendants in fraud investigation, disputes; and asset tracing actions across a broad range of industry sectors, which are often complex, international, and high value cases. Unlike our competitors, our team is complemented by our in-house forensics and business intelligence offering (Gateley Omega), as well as internationally recognised reputational management experts (Gateley Tweed). Our expertise includes:

  • Fraud Investigation and asset tracing that includes coordinating cross-border investigations utilising both legal and non-legal tools.
  • Obtaining freezing orders in support of domestic and international proceedings.
  • Obtaining domestic and foreign disclosure orders to help unravel the fraud and identify assets for enforcement.
  • Attacking and defending complex onshore and offshore corporate and trust structures used to hide assets from creditors especially in cross-border cases.
  • The appointment and recognition of court appointed receivers to preserve assets for enforcement or as part of a defensive strategy.
  • Advising office holders of corporate entities that have collapsed and ended up in an involuntary/court driven bankruptcy or insolvency process because of fraud regarding their investigations and the pursuit of statutory and other fraud claims against directors, officers and third parties to make recoveries for victims.
  • Advising in relation to claims arising out of financial services fraud including claims arising out of market manipulation, misrepresentation in financial statements, boiler room scams, related party lending and mis-selling of financial products.
  • Investigating and pursuing claims in relation to the dissipation of stolen digital assets in particular crypto fraud cases involving Ponzi schemes, investment schemes, phishing and APP scams.

We have significant experience of fraud investigation internationally with asset tracing and recovery assignments where clients, targets, assets and/or information are in the FSU, the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.A.E. and offshore jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, the BVI, the Bahamas, Guernsey, Gibraltar and Bermuda.

The team has a wide experience, a global reach and demonstrates the ability to understand complex multijurisdictional problems and comes up with innovative solutions which help recover assets from fraudsters and wrong doers. One of our go-to firms.
Legal 500 UK 2022 – Civil fraud

Who do we help?

We regularly implement fraud investigation and asset tracing for UK and overseas banks, financial institutions, investment funds, UHNWIs, foreign regulatory/ government authorities and both domestic and foreign officeholders appointed in relation to entities subject to an involuntary/ court driven insolvency process.

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