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Gateley Hamer & Gateley Vinden

No one sets out to find themselves in a dispute situation; if they do occur, you need to know that you can rely on experts that will effectively and professionally support your case with expert witness services, either in person as an expert witness or in the reports they produce.

What do we do?

Our reporting and expert witness services have in-depth experience in delivering both written and oral evidence in pre-action advice in an effort to avoid formal proceedings and within all forms of dispute proceedings (including adjudication, arbitration, mediation and litigation). The combination of our expert technical knowledge, along with relevant legal qualifications, and vast experience within the industry makes our experts ideally placed to provide an independent opinion when instructed.

We offer comprehensive expert services, which enable clients to engage our vast experience within a number of distinct roles.

Expert advisory: We assess, appraise and scrutinise claims to advise on the likelihood of success and consequently avoid the progression or settlement of ill-fated claims and the incurrence of unnecessary expenditure. The timely appointment of an expert in this capacity can often avoid dispute proceedings and promote the settlement of disputes.

Expert witness: Our consultants are vastly experienced which enables them to act as expert witness, on a wide variety of disputes, across numerous industries and within all forms of dispute proceedings. The overriding duty of an expert is to assist and provide guidance to the Court or Tribunal and our experts will provide unbiased, objective and professional expert evidence and opinion in compliance with all relevant practice statements.

Expert determination: Expert determination can be a very useful and cost-effective method of dispute resolution. The parties appoint a technical expert, who is experienced within the subject matter, to provide a binding decision on the disputed issue.

We provide reporting and expert witness services to support a broad range of clients for property, engineering and construction disputes. Across our surveying businesses, Gateley Vinden and Gateley Hamer, we also have a number of specialist areas that we regularly provide expert services on. These include: 

  • defective workmanship
  • boundary and adjoining ownership disputes 
  • professional indemnity claims concerning construction professionals
  • valuations under The Electronic Communications Code
  • compulsory purchase.

Who do we help?

Our clients that use our reporting and expert witness services range across the entire property and construction supply chain, including but not limited to contractors, subcontractors, investors, developers, occupiers, solicitors, funders, telecom operators and local authorities.

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