Party wall & boundary advice

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Any construction work that falls on, or close to, a boundary between adjoining properties will be subject to The Party Wall etc. Act 1996. There is a legal requirement to inform neighbouring property owners of such construction works. 

What do we do?

Whether you own the property under construction or are an adjoining owner, our team of building surveyors and lawyers can provide you with boundary and party wall advice. From initial advice and party wall advice and services to boundary disputes and formal dispute resolution proceedings, we can guide you through your options and ensure your position – and property – is protected.

Initial advice and guidance

Initial party wall advice provides clarity regarding the application process that must be followed by the building and adjoining owners. Application of party wall processes allows the building owner to progress lawful development. Whilst at the same time offering the statutory protections the Act affords to the adjoining owner.

Boundary disputes

One of the most common conflicts between neighbours is a dispute over the location of a boundary. This is often a very emotive issue where parties assume entrenched positions and can lead to expensive legal proceedings. Our surveyors are experienced in collecting evidence to locate the boundary between two properties and can provide pragmatic solutions to resolve the disputes and avoid litigation. If required, we can also provide expert evidence in such matters as joint expert or nominated by one of the parties.

Scaffold access and crane oversail agreements

Your development proposals may impact land or property owned by neighbouring parties. Alternatively, you may own land which you feel is being used without your permission. We can give boundary and party wall advice as well as provide practical solutions to resolve, defend or prevent any actions for trespass. This is a specialist legal matter in the context of significant development works. Our expert surveyors will work with the development project team to review the practical access implications which our lawyers can then take forward in a formal Crane Oversailing Agreement and/ or specific access requirements.

Who do we help? 

We provide boundary and party wall advice to a variety of clients including developers, contractors, housebuilders and private property owners. 

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