Development fund monitoring

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Gateley Vinden

The protection of a funder’s interests in a development that is not under its direct control requires a careful and controlled review process of the project information, the monitoring of construction activity on-site and the completion of the necessary documentation and approvals. 

What do we do?

To ensure an exceptional development fund monitoring service, our chartered quantity surveyors have the right balance of expertise not only in construction but also within the financial sector to really understand how funders, whether banks or investors, view their assets. 

Our team of chartered quantity surveyors have experience in supporting clients on transactions up to £50m on a range of schemes including:

  • complex developments and land transactions
  • foreign investments transactions
  • large scale multi-site transactions
  • large value residential new builds and conversions
  • small value residential self builds and conversions
  • asset-based lending
  • invoice finance lending.

Who do we help?

We provide development fund advice to all types of UK banks, funders and investors, as well as international banks financing UK-based developments.

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