Cost management & quantity surveying

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For the success of any construction project, you need to have accurate cost information, communicated clearly in a straight-talking way. Ineffective construction cost management can easily lead to spiralling construction costs which could jeopardise the return on investment of the whole project.

What do we do?

Our team of chartered quantity surveyors advise on construction cost management throughout a project, from inception all the way through to practical completion and beyond.

Going hand-in-hand with construction cost management is the need to minimise your contractual risk. Our clients rely on us to guide them and ensure they are fully aware of their risks and employers’ requirements.

We are also able to review alternative design and specification solutions, which begins with the very first sketch designs and concludes with the final issue of construction drawings.

We regularly act as employer’s agent when appointed to a design and build contract and we are able to advise on all cost management and quantity surveying aspects of your construction project, including:

  1. Planning the construction costs
  2. Managing costs during design
  3. Procuring the construction work
  4. Managing cost during construction
  5. Post-completion aftercare
  6. Monitoring for funders

Fund monitoring

The protection of a funder’s interests in a development that is not under its direct control requires a careful and controlled review process of the project information, the monitoring of construction activity on-site and the completion of the necessary documentation and approvals. To ensure an exceptional fund monitoring service, our chartered quantity surveyors have the right balance of expertise regarding cost management, not only in construction but also within the financial sector to really understand how funders, whether banks or investors, view their assets.

Project management

Going hand-in-hand with construction cost management  is the need to ensure your construction programme is efficiently managed through careful project management. Our team of dedicated project managers can programme, co-ordinate, direct and manage the activities of your project team and the contractor appointed on your behalf, to ensure that your specific project requirements are achieved.

Who do we help?

The clients we help with construction cost management, fund monitoring, post-completion aftercare and project management include developers, contractors, funders and investors. 

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