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Gateley Vinden

When it comes to building surveying the physical, functional and economic performance of the building you live or work in, you need to know that your building surveyor has the right experience to flag any problems immediately and to resolve them.

What do we do?

As a RICS-regulated company, Gateley Vinden have a specialised team of building surveyors that assess the condition of buildings and provide expert advice in all aspects of property acquisition and disposal, ownership and occupation.

We offer building surveying services advice for all forms of property and construction disputes and provide expert evidence in tribunal and courtroom settings.

Using the latest technology, we can offer specialist investigation and testing methods to provide the most accurate diagnosis of any problems.

Our building surveyors want our clients to benefit from our knowledge and experience, which is why we are flexible in our offering, tailoring our services to the individual requirements of each client.

Key services include:

  • repair and refurbishment
  • condition surveys
  • building management
  • building appraisal
  • party wall advice
  • expert witness
  • dilapidations
  • insurance claims
  • neighbour disputes
  • reinstatement cost assessments.

Party wall and boundary advice

Any construction work that falls on, or close to, a boundary between adjoining properties will be subject to The Party Wall etc. Act 1996. It is essential to consider this as it is a legal requirement to inform neighbouring property owners of such construction works. Whether you own the property under construction or are an adjoining owner, our building surveyors can provide initial advice and party wall services. Find out more about our party wall & boundary advice service here

Who do we help?

Our building surveying services provide tailored advice to building investors, developers, occupiers, purchasers and managing agents of both commercial and domestic properties and work across the whole of the UK.

Changing Places

Moving premises can be extremely time-consuming and costly for businesses. If your business needs to relocate, downsize, upgrade or exit a property, we can help.

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