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Several years after the introduction of significant changes to UK data privacy laws, organisations must continue to dedicate time and resource to ensuring data protection compliance.

The ever increasing growth in the volumes of personal data created or copied and the changing ways in which such data is processed, the risks associated with a data breach, data subjects’ willingness to assert rights or bring claims, combined with developing law and extensive guidance from regulators, mean that there is always a need for straight-talking legal
advice and data protection lawyers in this area.

What do we do?

Our data protection experts can advise on all aspects of data protection and data privacy law in England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. We are able to:

  • conduct analysis of data protection compliance of systems and processes including analysis of data flows and advise on the lawful basis for processing data;
  • advise in respect of data privacy aspects of marketing;
  • advise in connection with data sharing arrangements, including preparing data sharing agreements;
  • advise on responses to Information Commissioner Office (ICO) complaints and investigations;
  • help you manage and/ or advise on data subject access requests – including how to search for information and exemptions meaning that data may not need to be provided;
  • advise on other data subjects rights including rights of erasure of data and withdrawal of consent to processing;
  • help you prepare and undertake legitimate interest assessments;
  • undertake controller and processor contract development and support negotiations;
  • assist you to prepare and undertake data privacy impact assessments – including providing advice on where they should be used, form and completion of information;
  • advise on data privacy aspects of the use of cookies and necessary consents;
  • advise on the data privacy aspects of new technologies;
  • advise on international data transfers of personal data and the consequences of Brexit;
  • advise on personal data breaches – including determining whether notification to the ICO is required and whether data subjects must be informed as well;
  • prepare privacy notices;
  • advise on how data law can be deployed to prevent the future publication of media content or to obtain the removal of already published media content;
  • assist in instances where your right to privacy has been infringed by the misuse of your data and private information;
  • prepare data privacy policies including data retention and personal data breach response policies;
  • advise on the need to appoint a European Representative post-Brexit.

Where are we based and where do we practice?

Our specialist data protection lawyers advise clients across England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

Who do we help?

We advise private companies and public bodies of all sizes, including pension schemes, on all aspects of data protection and privacy.

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