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The potential effects of a crisis on a business can be devastating. In today’s business environment it is imperative to get in front of issues early by identifying potential risks before they develop into crises. Should the unavoidable occur, however, a swift, optimised response is vital.

Failure to keep up with a complex and multi-faceted regulatory landscape, and the impacts of an investigation following a business breach or disaster, could have significant financial, reputational, emotional and even criminal repercussions.

What do we do?

Our expert team offers a bespoke solution across the full risk and crisis response lifecycle:

  1. Risk management – identifying and reducing exposure to regulatory risks.
  2. Crisis response – delivering an optimised response, should the unavoidable occur.
  3. Effective recovery – implementing a recovery strategy in the aftermath of a crisis.

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Risk management 

Thinking strategically and proactively about what potential risks an organisation may face is crucial to prepare for and mitigate potential crises. Offering a comprehensive, bespoke risk review service to businesses, management teams and individuals we help to interpret regulations, look for gaps, conduct stress testing and assess a business’s response across all key regulatory risk areas, including:

  • solvency and banking covenants
  • data protection compliance
  • cyber security
  • bribery and corruption compliance
  • health, safety and environmental compliance
  • product and marketing compliance
  • fraud
  • reputation management audits 
  • immigration compliance.

We also help clients to craft robust policies, enhance business processes and provide bespoke training to improve visibility of risks, plug any existing gaps in defences and mitigate or minimise both sector specific and general business risks.

Crisis response

A crisis can have devastating consequences on a business, putting its reputation and financial and operational performance at risk, as well as ruin relationships with stakeholders. 

Not all crises can be prevented, and in the event that the unavoidable happens and a crisis emerges, early intervention and an optimal response built on tenacity, skill and experience can reduce business and personal impacts, limit costs and even halt an investigation altogether. 

Our team of experts provides strategic advice from the moment of contact and will not delay in providing the support required, both remotely and on-site. We deliver immediate, proactive, strategic solutions, helping to manage the immediate aftermath of a crisis – early intervention and long-term support can help the situation from escalating further.

We provide emergency response 24/7 in the event of:

  • fatal accidents
  • major incidents
  • dawn raids
  • product problems
  • food hygiene premises closures
  • PR and reputational issues 
  • safeguarding crises. 

Our expert investigation support team helps clients to navigate the process with confidence and clarity. We assist with implementing immediate action plans and advise on internal and external communications. We also help to manage interactions with third parties, including press, insurers and regulatory authorities, and offer advice on how to engage with regulators, potential claimants, and defendants.

Should investigations progress, we provide the highest calibre representation. Our clients receive expert support and guidance at every step, through cautioned interviews, plea hearings and trial, helping to ensure the best possible outcomes for the business and individuals concerned. 

Effective recovery

Our expert team are also able to work with businesses on an ongoing basis after a crisis, to implement an effective recovery strategy which builds on lessons learned to prevent reoccurrence. We seek to ensure that the company’s risk management systems are robust and provide recommendations and guidance on ongoing operations.

Who do we help?

We help businesses of all types and sizes to manage their exposure to risk and respond effectively should a crisis prove unavoidable. 

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