Carra Bosworth

Client Director / Cluster Lead



An experienced, thoughtful, commercially minded Client Director who has specialism, and knowledge in designing and delivering a variety of leadership and management development solutions to help businesses shift, flex or change their cultures one behaviour at a time. A key focus whilst working with global organisations is the ability to consult and advise working with leaders of businesses on how to improve performance, increase levels of colleague satisfaction and how to create a more inclusive workplace.

How do you help clients?

I begin by starting with the end in mind, listening to what is important to the client and then helping shape a solution that supports their need, one behaviour at a time. A client might be struggling to retain their top talent or recruiting colleagues from the marketplace so I can help with the approach and mechanisms to support the strategy.

A business might need support understanding more about how their ‘Top Teams’ can work together most effectively. I can offer coaching, design of team days or programmes that examine the behaviours and help with delivering their People Strategy.

The speed at which businesses must flex and change means there often a need for leaders to adopt a different set of behavioural skills to stay relevant and successful. In this space I can offer development solutions through designing a variety of activities, approaches and mechanisms to meet their needs.


  1. Designed and delivered a series of team effectiveness development workshops focused on leadership development for an international automotive manufacturer.
  2. Delivered and designed a development programme for females working in a global engineering company, helping them become more confident, effective leaders as part of their DE&I Allyship initiatives.
  3. Led on the design and delivery of a 360-feedback tool for a global publishing organisation, linking leadership capabilities, behaviours, values, and ways of working to drive effective change across the business.
  4. On-going delivery of a behavioural change programme for managers and leaders that is centred around key business challenges that managers and leaders are facing across the global organisation.
  5. Design and delivery of an upskilling programme for a global fin tech business upskilling their HR and Communications teams helping them with personal effectiveness, coaching skills and driving change and transformation activities across the business.