Dennis Murphy


Gateley Legal

  • Birmingham


A former senior executive within the Canadian Federal Government, Dennis has more than 25 years' experience in managing national-level intelligence programs as well as defining and executing international partnership strategies. He possesses extensive experience in the identification and management of advanced threats (including cyber) ranging from nation-state actors to terrorist and organised crime groups.

Dennis previously served as a senior Canadian liaison officer within the UK and was responsible for both the management and advancement of operational intelligence collaboration between the UK and Canada across the full spectrum of cyber-based and traditional threats.

Since leaving public service, Dennis has advised private sector organisations on how to assess business threats, creating and supporting the implementation of complex threat mitigation strategies.

How do you help clients?

I help leadership teams to understand the threats to their business and what the impact is without using lots of jargon and buzz words. By keeping things simple, and focusing on practical implementations, I can help organisations to reduce their exposure to a wide variety of business threats and mitigate the impact should they experience any sort of breach or failure.


  1. Specifically, he has collaborated with the Lloyd’s of London market to lead on the development of sectoral-based cyber threat assessments and supported major underwriters in formulating strategies and partnerships to address the continuing advancement of cyber threats. 
  2. Dennis has directly supported UK Government sponsored workshops to help senior stakeholders within the private sector better understand cyber threats and to develop corresponding corporate strategies to mitigate them.
  3. He has most recently worked with large energy sector clients to develop and execute enterprise-wide assessments to evaluate current cyber postures and the subsequent creation of proposed remediation strategies to reduce risk and ensure ongoing corporate growth.