Jim specialises in organisation design and problem-solving, in business change programmes, and in the systems and processes underpinning talent management – generally at chief executive and top team level. Jim also has expertise in succession planning, succession management and talent management strategy. His background includes both the people and the IT dimensions of organisation.

The industries in which Jim has consulted include banking – retail, corporate, private, investment and central – insurance & finance, manufacturing & distribution, automotive, IT, electronics, hi-tech, aerospace, retail, transport and utilities. He also has experience with central government clients and not-for-profit organisations. Jim has participated in, and run, projects in the UK, Continental Europe, North America and the Middle and Far East.

Jim’s previous positions include associate director in Logica’s Business Consulting Group, director in the Alexander Consulting Group’s Organisational Effectiveness Practice, and principal consultant in PA Consulting’s Human Resources Division. Before becoming a consultant Jim was an international marketing manager in the publishing industry.

Jim is a member of the International Organization Design Forum.


  1. Undertaking design and project management of a team effectiveness programme for Royal Bank of Scotland to support its reorganisation and the establishment of new teams to lead its core businesses and functions. Resulted in acceleration of team formation and faster implementation of the CEO’s new strategy and organisation design.
  2. Advising on the design and delivery of a series of change interventions and management/ leadership conferences for Bracco Diagnostics Inc., one of the leading international providers of radiological diagnostic and therapy products. Resulted in operational improvements and a more cohesive leadership team.
  3. Working with the leaders of a specialist (private equity fundraising group) division of Credit Suisse to create a better decision-making process for selecting new projects and an improved risk-management and governance framework. Resulted in faster more confident decisions, through early elimination of low-return and poorly thought-out proposals and through more active management of the opportunity pipeline.
  4. Investigating the organisational causes of stress among engineers at Ricardo Automotive who were working on the project to design and establish manufacturing of an innovative engine for a new McLaren sports car. Resulted in recommendations for changes to the way Ricardo and its client interacted to manage the project and for changed working practices and support for engineering teams.
  5. Designing and delivering a series of management team workshops to support the integration of Halifax Bank of Scotland into Lloyds Banking Group, following the acquisition imposed by H.M. Government during the 2008 financial crisis. Resulted in the rapid formation of unified teams with clearly defined aims and action plans and frank conversations about how to handle likely points of difficulty given the highly charged environment surrounding the merger.