Lisa has experience in the full remit of both contentious and non-contentious construction and public procurement matters. She is qualified and licenced to practice in the jurisdictions of both Northern Ireland and England & Wales.

With experience in both contentious and non-contentious construction law, Lisa advises clients throughout the full lifecycle of construction projects. Advice starts from day, advising on procurement along with the structure, drafting and negotiating of contracts. During construction, Lisa can guide clients through any disputes arising in respect of payment, claims for variations, extensions of time, loss and expense, and professional negligence. She can also advise on the termination and early exit of construction contracts. With experience in all forms of dispute resolution, Lisa can advise in respect of negotiation, mediation, adjudication, arbitration and litigation.

In relation to public procurement, Lisa can advise clients at tender stage on clarification queries and contract amendments to be sought together with any issues arising in respect of the procurement procedure. She also advises clients, upon receipt of award letters, on how to challenge procurement decisions if they are unsuccessful or to seek to protect confidential information if they are the successful bidder to a challenged procurement.

How do you help your clients?

I provide commercial construction advice to clients in the property and development sector to ensure their creative visions have the requisite contractual protections.

When confronted with a construction dispute, I provide advice on the best approach to reaching a pragmatic solution in terms of commercial, operational and financial objectives.

I guide clients through the tendering process, carrying out due diligence on tender and contractual documentation, allowing clarifications and challenges to be raised at an early stage.

When faced with an unsuccessful tender outcome which is felt to be unjust, I advise clients on whether or not there having breaches of procurement law and whether a challenge is likely to result in a satisfactory outcome. Where clients are the winning bidder, I provide strategic advice to ensure that their commercial and confidential information remain as such if the process is challenged


  1. Acting on behalf of a client in respect of an £80m refinance project which involved a review of circa 200 construction documents.
  2. Acting on behalf of an unsuccessful incumbent bidder in respect of exploring whether or not a breach of the procurement rules had occurred. This involved issuing proceedings to stop time and then seeking discovery.
  3. Advising a client on the appointment documentation for a number of projects. Advice included consideration of the client’s attitude to risk together with the insurances available. 
  4. Advising a client on the revision of payment terms within its sub-contract proforma contract to ensure it was compliant with the statutory provisions.
  5. Following an unsuccessful dispute, a review of sub-contract provisions to ensure that the contractor was adequately protected.