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Running your organisation in a constantly evolving business landscape is a challenging task. Evaluating and developing your leadership capability could prove a crucial differentiator. 

What do we do?

We evaluate an organisation’s leadership capability to identify where and how you can bridge the gaps between the potential you have and the future capability you need.

  • Combining our insights with those of your key stakeholders we identify the capability shifts required to transform your business.
  • We translate this into what your leaders need to start, stop and continue to lead effectively in your operating environment.
  • This is captured in a clear and compelling framework that helps your leaders to understand what is expected of them.

Conducting impactful leadership assessment

Our leadership assessments typically follow these steps: 

  1. In-depth interview – An intense, engaging and thought-provoking interview is conducted with two senior psychologists.
  2. Psychometrics – Best-in-class tools are used to support development of your leaders in line with the future needs of the business. 
  3. Narrative 360 feedback – One-to-one in-depth conversations between our psychologists and the individual‘s key stakeholders provide additional insight.
  4. Business simulation – Benchmarked simulations create a learning and assessment environment that replicates the leadership challenges in your business.
Kiddy were a true partner – they worked with us closely and delivered best in class assessment for development centres perfectly tailored for our business.

Delivering insightful feedback and development

We deliver our feedback candidly and respectfully through an in-depth one-to-one feedback session with the individual, including discussion of the results of the psychometric analysis. A development conversation takes place between the individual, their line manager and their Kiddy psychologist to identify a development action plan with short-, medium- and longer-term goals, with metrics and target outcomes.

A one-to-one coaching session helps to crystallise development planning and embed new behaviours back in the business.

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