Anti-bribery & corruption

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When it comes to bribery and corruption allegations, early intervention and quality advice can stop an investigation in its tracks or massively reduce its impact and cost.

We provide strategic advice regarding anti-bribery and corruption, offering guidance to companies and individual officeholders across the UK. Our extensive track record of managing investigations, handling cautioned interviews and defending prosecutions enables us to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

What do we do?

We specialise in anti-bribery and corruption services, protecting our clients’ positions and providing a proactive defence strategy against bribery and corruption allegations. Early intervention and advice can stop an investigation in its tracks or massively reduce its impact and cost. We focus on providing a rapid response and pragmatic support including self-reporting to the NCA. Where such early intervention isn’t possible, we defend our client’s interests before courts and regulators and provide high-calibre representation at interviews under caution and throughout the prosecution process. 

Examples of our work in anti-bribery and corruption:

  • Acting for a business and two directors accused of bribing public officials in the performance of their duties. 
  • Advising a multi-million-pound supplier to the public sector on allegations of bribery and corruption. Our work included making a self-report to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), managing the SFO investigation and attending interviews under caution. We ultimately secured an agreement not to prosecute our client.
  • Advising companies on responses to targeted scams using hacked email accounts to divert funds to organised criminals.
Expert in advising on high profile investigations for corporate clients.
Legal 500 UK, 2018

Bribery and corruption – avoidance

The risks of falling foul of anti-bribery and corruption laws are significant and can result in large fines for companies and even imprisonment for individuals. The commercial impact on a business can be massive and even being subject to an investigation poses a great reputational risk. Should a business be the target of criminal activities, the cost and disruption can also be huge. We can help put in place effective systems and controls to minimise risks to businesses and to ensure that their anti-bribery and corruption measures are robust.

Our Reputation management team also work with individuals and businesses in regards to anti-bribery and corruption to ensure that the damage to reputation is minimised.

Who do we help?

We work with organisations of all sizes, as well as giving anti-bribery and corruption advice to individual officeholders, facing investigations from any regulator. We also work with companies to ensure that they are in compliance with the latest legislation and best practice guidance to identify and minimise bribery and corruption risk before any such offences occur.

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