Assess your organisation’s ability to prevent harassment and protect your workers via our comprehensive easy-to-use DEI audit.

What is a DEI programme?

A robust and effective DEI programme should mean that an organisation can see – over time – that issues around harassment and other discriminatory behaviour become less prevalent or frequent, with generally less serious or costly legal issues arising. If such issues do then arise, the organisation should be in a good position to argue that it did all that it reasonably could to prevent harassment and discrimination in its workplace. 

A great DEI programme is more than a tick-box exercise; it should enable colleagues throughout the organisation to see diversity, equity and inclusion as integral to everything the organisation does, running through the core of the business. An effective DEI programme should help significantly with employee recruitment, engagement and retention, satisfaction and motivation, as well as creating a culture that’s inclusive for all.


  • what if you haven’t got a DEI strategy or programme? 
  • what if you have, but you aren’t sure how effective it is?
  • do you know how to measure success (what does “progress” look like)? 
  • do you know how to drive your DEI strategy forward? 

Gateley’s innovative solution

Gateley Legal’s employment law experts have teamed up with leading change and culture specialists, t-three, and business psychologists, Kiddy & Partners. Together they have developed an innovative way to ‘audit’ the way that you deal with DEI currently and signpost you towards making positive progress in your journey towards an effective DEI programme. 

One size doesn’t fit all. To help you create or build on your current DEI programme, we’ll use our progressive 5 level maturity model to identify where your organisation is on its DEI journey, areas of development and/ or improvement, as well as highlighting any risks to your organisation and suggesting actions to address them.

In this deep dive into your organisation’s DEI effectiveness, we’ll:

Review your:

  • relevant approaches, policies and procedures;
  • contracts for employees, workers and consultants; 
  • employee training materials, records and approaches/ policies to identify whether these are adequate to satisfy the new statutory duty  to prevent sexual harassment as well as the existing defence of taking all reasonable steps to prevent someone from committing discriminatory acts; 
  • DEI strategy and how well it is communicated to, and understood by, staff; 
  • data to look at any underrepresentation; and
  • onboarding processes.

Report on where you currently sit in terms of:

  • being able to defend any harassment or discrimination claims arising on the basis of having taken all reasonable steps to prevent this happening; 
  • being able to comply with the new statutory duty to prevent sexual harassment;
  • how your organisation’s DEI programme is viewed by staff; and
  • next steps you can take to develop or progress your DEI programme.

Recommend actions that should be taken by you to:

  • meet both “reasonable steps” requirements set out above; and
  • move beyond pure legal compliance into a more “mature” organisational approach to DEI which fits with your business aim – whether that is to improve DEI or to showcase your ‘best-in-class’ DEI approach.

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