Diversity, equity & inclusion

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Embracing diversity in the workplace and avoiding discrimination is about more than just box-ticking. It’s about adding tangible value to your organisation and giving the people who sit at its heart a sense of belonging.

High-profile failures by organisations to engage properly with equality, diversity and inclusion issues are never far from the headlines. But for employers, this highly emotive issue isn’t just about avoiding financial penalties, claims and litigation; it’s also about supporting a positive culture and protecting your reputation and brand. 

Organisations that can demonstrate that they genuinely value equality, diversity and inclusion are far better positioned versus their peers when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best talent in the business. 

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What do we do?

We advise clients on how best to engage properly with employment rules and regulations governing diversity, inclusion and equal pay, ensuring that your policies and procedures are fit for purpose, and that your workforce is equipped and trained on those procedures. 

We also advise on disputes across all aspects of the employee/ employer relationship including with regards to issues of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Well-regarded practice that offers support on both contentious and non-contentious areas of employment law. Areas of strength include … equal pay issues … Especially notable for its work on a wide range of discrimination claims.
Chambers UK, 2019

Who do we help?

We work with organisations of all sizes; working closely with HR, people and talent teams or senior executives and business owners. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion audit

Assess your organisation’s ability to prevent harassment and protect your workers via our comprehensive easy-to-use diversity, equity and inclusion audit, and find out how to make positive progress in your journey towards an effective DEI programme. 

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