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Calm, commercial acumen that gets results and reduces hassle

We always treat your business as if it were our own. So we won’t sit on the fence, leaving you to wrestle with a decision.
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We prefer to be on your team, providing level-headed advice to businesses who expect their lawyers to show commercial acumen allied with sound legal judgment. We operate across a range of business sectors, including manufacturing, retail, waste & environmental, sport, services, technology and logistics.

Our genuine strengths cover core business contracts; supply chain management; brand protection; payment services and outsourcing; franchising; joint ventures; the appointment of dealers, agents and distributors worldwide; technology; and inventions and rights in creative works. We have superb intellectual property specialists and a host of sector specialists.

Always putting the law in its proper commercial context, we deliver ROI for your strategic contracts and investment projects as well as ‘business as usual’ needs. Law is our business; but making the law work to your advantage is our core strength – and your opportunity.

The senior lawyers in our team are hands-on. Being entrepreneurial is a product of many years’ experience. You can expect our partners and directors to be involved whenever needed. Simplicity trumps complexity in our world.

On behalf of our clients, we drive hard bargains, focusing on the intended ROI; making the project happen with a positive outlook and a sense of perspective. Picture perfect legal solutions do not always fit the business landscape, so we’ll mould the best outcome for you around legal requirements and commercial realism.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach, both in terms of our service delivery and the client-focused products we’ve developed – including our Bribery Act toolkit, PRO-Q proactive integrated document management system, and unlimited T&Cs updates.

Our advice spans all aspects of business contracts, intellectual property, commercial ventures/projects and business regulation – both nationally and internationally.

We work across a very broad range of sectors and can offer specific expertise in a number of key areas. These include media & entertainment, outsourcing, logistics & transport, retail, payment services, waste & resources, marine/yachts and international legal services.

Protect your business from IT and telecoms risks

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What would happen if your business suffered a failure in its IT and telecoms system? The implications for your business could be serious.

The management of such risks will rely on effective IT and telecoms systems and support from external suppliers. Our IT and Telecoms Disputes team can help your business do more to mitigate risks by proactively managing potential conflicts or disputes within your supplier/customer arrangements.

Tell us about your experiences in managing risks and issues with your systems by taking our short survey and we will share with you a copy of the report prepared by Safeea Shafiq, our IT and Telecoms disputes specialist, free of charge.

All answers will be anonymised in the report and no contact information will be shared with anyone outside Gateley Plc.

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