Plot sales are one of the most important parts of any housebuilding business. Without an efficient plot sales service, return on capital is eroded and cash is not generated quickly enough to meet demand for re-investment in land and on-balance sheet part exchanges.

We have invested in the largest private sector plot sales team in the country, which is organised into three regional Plot Sales Hubs. The Hubs work closely together and have standardised processes and workflows in place to ensure that, whichever team deals with your scheme, you can be assured of a consistent approach to your work and the same high standard of service.

Each Plot Sales Hub comprises four teams who work together to support plot sale transactions. These are: 

  1. Site set up
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Plot sales 
  4. Part exchange and resales

Site set up 

The set up team consists of experienced lawyers who have extensive experience in helping developer clients move from acquisition through to marketing plots and beyond. We recognise that, once a site is ready to come to the market, everything needs to be in place as quickly as possible, and understand the importance of putting in place an efficient exit strategy to enable developers to move on when the final plot is sold. The team sit amongst the sales teams so remain on hand to deal with any queries or changes that may arise during the plot sales process. 


Each Plot Sales Hub has a dedicated resource for dealing with infrastructure agreements. We recognise the importance of statutory agreements or necessary easements being in place at the right time and our teams are trained in the detail and nuances of these agreements. Working closely with the acquisition, set up and plot sales teams allows for a seamless flow of information, without delay.

Plot sales

Our plot sales team offer a solutions-driven approach to the problems that can sometimes arise during the course of a plot sale. We sell over 12,000 homes each year and fully understand the time pressures, complexities and regulatory framework relevant to this sector. We work closely with our clients’ sales teams to ensure that sales are progressed quickly and sales targets are achieved wherever possible. We have an up to the minute and in-depth understanding of what plot purchasers’ solicitors and lenders can accept and what they cannot, as well as detailed knowledge of the specific requirements of Help to Buy transactions.

Our plot conveyancers are supported by a team of legal assistants who ensure that the required paperwork is always accurate, up to date and issued to new purchasers quickly and efficiently. Our expertise in this sector means that we have the scale and resources to procure the best systems to facilitate the excellent service that we provide. 

Part exchange and resales

For those clients who offer part exchange as an incentive to their plot purchasers, we deal with both the acquisition of the property being taken in part exchange and resales through our dedicated part exchange teams located in each Plot Sales Hub. Our part exchange conveyancers are trained to deal with what can often be complicated and time-consuming issues when purchasing on-balance sheet part exchange properties, and have a wealth of experience in traditional residential conveyancing. The team understand the need to ‘turn’ PX properties quickly, so we have sufficient resource to ensure that once an onward sale is agreed, the resale is progressed and completed as speedily as possible. Our part exchange teams will also deal with any “chain break” purchases that are needed to secure the plot sale. 


Each of our Plot Sales Hubs are led by Partners who work exclusively on managing their individual Plot Sales Hub with additional support from a national Partner level chair. We have invested in our plot sales offering in this way to ensure that the right level of support and leadership in this important area is given to our clients and our staff.

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