Getting utilities right can often be a costly business in any development. Whether there are already utilities on site which need diverting or removal, or you’re looking to start from scratch and put in place the utilities infrastructure your development needs, it can often cause financial headaches for our housebuilder clients.

Diversions & compensation

Existing utility apparatus can throw a real spanner in the works for housebuilders when it comes to developing or buying land. It can also limit the value and development potential; we help our clients capitalise on statutory processes to open up development opportunities.

Many developers obtain a quotation to divert lines from the utility company first, and then seek to reduce the quote by as much as possible. We flip this process on its head and review the legal basis on which the apparatus exists, then use statutory procedures to pass the whole cost of diverting or under-grounding to the utility company, regularly saving our clients multi-millions. Otherwise, if for example an overhead line or pylon remains in situ, we negotiate compensation on loss of development value.

New connections & disconnections

When it comes to connecting or disconnecting utilities apparatus, we offer a range of services dependant on the client’s requirements, from feasibility reports and the procurement of competitive quotations, to the project management of works.

  • Pre-acquisition of land due diligence: We can provide a range of feasibility studies, helping clients ascertain what services already run through (under or over) the site and whether the required capacity can be brought to site without the need for expensive off-site reinforcement works.
  • Post-acquisition of land services: We can advise on technical procurement by obtaining several competitive quotations for the new infrastructure (contestable element) and providing technical and regulatory advice.
  • Pre-start and on-site services: We can act as project manager, ensuring the services are installed on time.

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