With people development consultants, pensions advisers and lawyers working side-by-side, we advise employers on the best way to fix the people issues that arise within organisations in everyday operations as well as in change projects. Working together, we help businesses become fitter for the future, flexing the solutions they implement in response to changing economic and social contexts.

Fix people and operational problems

When people issues occur, there’s a lot to consider. What are the possible outcomes? What impact will this have on our reputation and credibility? Have we got the time, expertise and buy-in to deal with this internally? 

Every situation is different, and from the outset, we work as a partner, helping you undertake the necessary due diligence, assess response options and forecast cost implications to identify the solution that’s right for your business.

We will help you fix the problem, but we’ll also help you identify the root cause and the most cost-effective solutions in the long term. 

Why choose Gateley?

  • Help and guidance in dealing with the issue, including alternative responses and proactive advice on potential future problems 

  • Make informed decisions and take proactive measures to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future

  • Connect with peers who have experienced similar scenarios and expert advisors from across our Group, who can offer an alternate perspective and complementary support

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Get your people and operations Fit for the future

We’re experts in transforming leadership and employee experience, building workforces that are fit for the future, streamlining HR processes and optimising pensions schemes and reward programmes. 

From the outset, we partner with clients to support them in defining project goals and requirements, establishing project governance and managing stakeholder engagement. 

We simplify project execution and minimise the strain on internal teams; we can manage all aspects of project execution, from internal communication and document drafting to reviewing outputs and overseeing specific areas like pension valuations and trustee deeds.

Why choose Gateley?

  • Tailored solutions and expert knowledge to deliver targeted programmes that generate maximum return on your investment

  • Flexible project management support and innovative tools to help deliver solutions as efficiently as possible 

  • Expert guidance on delivering change programmes and support with communication and stakeholder engagement throughout your project

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Flex in response to changing contexts

Change is inevitable, but finding the correct response can be a challenge. We support our clients to adapt to changing organisational, economic and social contexts.

We’re proactive in identifying gaps, evaluating risk and determining the best course of action. 

We offer varying levels of support to meet the needs of your business, from providing a second opinion on internal documents, to guiding in-house operations or taking on the management of your pension scheme. 

Why choose Gateley?

  • We proactively share expert advice and details on changing best practices 

  • We’re here when you need us for a second opinion or support on ad-hoc requests

  • The Gateley Group brings together a broad spectrum of legal and complementary business services. We’re always on hand to help you adapt, no matter the challenge

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