Co-investments & deal-by-deal

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Gateley Legal

A leading Legal 500-recognised funds practice, we help private equity fund managers develop and execute tax and regulatory-efficient structures to raise and invest capital either alongside existing investments or as standalone transactions. 

What do we do?

Working closely with our outstanding Private Equity and Tax practices, key services include:

  • Co-investment structures
  • Deal-by-deal structures
  • Pledge fund and framework arrangements
  • Fund-of-one structures allowing for carried interest and ratchets
  • Holding company solutions
  • UK, EU and global regulatory and marketing advice tailored for co-investment or deal-by-deal structures
  • Appointment of service providers and related advice
  • Review of investment and marketing documentation

Who we do we help?

From leading private equity fund managers to independent boutiques and first-time fund sponsors, we advise a range of private equity clients at all stages of the co-investment cycle – from executing co-investment or deal-by-deal structures to investment and exit.  

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