Credit & debt fund formation

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We advise a range of domestic and international credit fund sponsors, alternative capital providers and FinTech lenders in respect of a wide range of credit strategies and alternative credit structures. 

What do we do?

A Legal 500-recognised investment funds practice, we advise on the following credit strategies and alternative credit structures:

Credit strategies

  • Direct lending/ senior debt (levered and unlevered)
  • Mezzanine
  • Distressed 
  • Credit opportunities
  • Speciality finance 
  • Real estate debt 
  • Venture debt 
  • Infrastructure debt
  • Non-performing loan 

Alternative credit structures

  • Private funds (closed and open)
  • Single-asset structures
  • Investment clubs/ syndicates
  • Mini-bond programmes
  • Segregated managed accounts 
  • Co-investment vehicles
  • Online lending/ investment platforms 

Structuring, regulatory, tax, distribution and operational advice 

Working closely with our Banking & Finance, Tax and Regulatory practices, we additionally provide structuring, regulatory, tax, distribution and operational advice on the following issues:

  • Implementation: Implementing lending strategies (including structuring downstream lending or investment architecture) and financing requirements.
  • European and UK regulation: Pan-European and UK regulatory and security issues for direct lending/ loan origination, mezzanine and secondary loan. strategies.
  • Solvency II/ insurer investors: Solvency II analysis and structuring advice where investors would include EU, UK and/ or Swiss insurance companies.
  • German pension investors: Structuring solutions where investors would include categories of German pension plans subject to restrictions on investments into debt funds.
  • US direct lending – ECI tax issues for non-US investors: Where US direct lending features, we explore structuring solutions that minimise the twin impacts of ECI taxation on returns and US tax filings for non-US investors, including “Treaty” funds (or “independent agent” funds), “Season & Sell” funds, and leveraged US blockers.


  • Direct lending/ senior debt fund managers
  • Mezzanine debt fund managers
  • Credit opportunities fund managers
  • Distressed debt fund managers
  • Real estate debt fund managers
  • Venture debt fund managers
  • Speciality finance fund managers
  • Fintech lenders, including online lending platforms
  • Financial sponsors 
  • Lending syndicates
  • Institutional investors investing in co-investment or JV lending or debt investment arrangements

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