Emily Kupers

Forensics & Business Intelligence Consultant

Gateley Omega


As Forensics & Business Intelligence Consultant, Emily specialises in open-source intelligence gathering, human intelligence gathering, asset tracing, due diligence research and dispute support services.

Prior to joining Gateley Omega, Emily worked in the business intelligence unit of a well-known global risk consultancy. She assisted in a broad range of intelligence investigations with a focus on Western Europe. Clients included major global corporations, financial institutions, sovereign investments funds and private equity firms.

How do you help clients?

I help clients find valuable pieces of information, which may be used prior to expansions, investments, third party or employee onboarding, in-depth misconduct investigations or litigation. This information can be derived from a variety of offline and online sources.

My intelligence gathering skills may help clients pre-empt risk prior to a new engagement. On the other hand, after issues have arisen, these skills may help retain or recover value.


  1. Investigating loan from a white-collar criminal to a director of a private equity firm’s target.
  2. Establishing the material level of a threat against a senior executive and its family from a disgruntled former employee.
  3. Determining the level of wealth of a beauty entrepreneur prior to a sale and leaseback arrangement of high-value London property with an investor.
  4. Assisting in an investigation into a microfinancing company and its principal, which had been accused of money-laundering and misrepresentation of financial standingby a journalist.
  5. Assisting in an investigation into money-laundering accusations of a medical company’s new client and its principals, who had been prosecuted for personal and professional offences.