Sasha Pisarevic-Young

Senior Consultant Architect

Gateley Vinden


Sasha is able to offer a complete service, advising on a variety of design and construction matters that include pre-contract review, development progress monitoring, conflict resolution and expert advice.

He is experienced in the full range of design and construction services including:

  • design and development
  • construction supervision and contract administration
  • design and workmanship defects resolution
  • expert witness reports

How do you help clients?

I help a wide range of clients, from architects and design professionals, institutional funders and financiers to contractors, developers and individual homeowners with design and development in areas of construction supervision and contract administration, design and workmanship defects resolution and expert witness reports.


  1. Expert review of clerk of works services; multi-occupancy residential development in West London.
  2. Provision of clerk of works services; large domestic developments in Cheshire.
  3. Provision of employer’s agent services; high-rise cladding replacement in Manchester.
  4. Expert witness advice on building envelope and design; high-rise landmark development in Manchester.
  5. Expert advice on waterproofing design and details; domestic extension in London.