Richard Kemsley

Technical Director

Gateley Hamer

  • London


Richard has worked in the agricultural and rural property industry for many years and has a strong track record of acquiring and disposing land for clients, negotiating leases and licenses, and assisting promoters of utility projects with obtaining access to land for surveys, securing the land for the development and negotiating compensation claims. 

Richard is a part time consultant for Gateley. He also runs his family farm and so has first-hand experience when talking to farmers and landowners.

Richard is responsible for local consultations with landowners and affected parties. He assists with desktop valuations for a national network of sites.


I help landowning clients achieve the maximum compensation for their loss in a time-efficient fashion.

I help acquiring clients rebuff spurious claims and settle genuine claims appropriately.

I am able to meet with farmers/ land owners and empathise with their farming problems, discuss genuine difficulties that a scheme might present to them and assist in finding mitigation.