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Our Crisis Management & Response team are available 24/7

If you are experiencing a crisis call our helpline for immediate assistance.

What do we do?

Our team can provide strategic advice from the moment of contact. We will not delay getting our teams on the move to your premises should you need us there enabling us to deliver immediate proactive advice.

How we can help

We have a large cross discipline Crisis Management team which can be deployed at very short notice to respond to unannounced site visits by a range of regulators including the Police, HMRC, Competition & Markets Authority, Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority, UK Border Force Agency, Environment Agency, Local Authority Trading Standards – all of whom regularly carry out unannounced orchestrated spot checks and dawn raids on businesses throughout the country. 

In every case, advice from a specialist from the outset is vital to managing the crisis and reducing its impact on the business both at the time carried out and in any subsequent investigation and/or prosecution. 

We offer a bespoke risk and crisis management solution to protect you and your business from the potentially devastating consequences of regulatory risk and business crises. 

Our services are available on a pick and choose basis depending on what you may need and include the following:

  • Developing an overarching policy and procedure for unannounced visits, dawn raids or business crises – this will involve talking to you to understand the role holders at each site, the logistical layout of each site and how the process might work on a practical level for you in light of your people and your business operations. From these discussions we will develop procedure bespoke to you and produce a 1 page checklist.
  • Providing training materials and training on your new process and procedures .
  • Providing wider training in the form of a workshop for all your key role holders to ensure those at the coalface have the confidence to deal with the regulator when confronted with an unannounced visit or dawn raid.
  • Providing a retainer service allowing you to contact us in the event of a raid occurring. We will provide strategic advice from the outset and will start to mobilise our team to whichever location is needed, in accordance with our agreed response plan under your policy. Once the call is made to us, our support will be generated immediately, and we will escalate internally to your team to enable those at the coal face in your organisation to deal with the regulators rather than have to make internal and external calls.

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